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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Here Be Dragons

I took some pictures as I walked Ella today.
This is the spot where I slipped over and did my leg the second time.
I have complained to the council and they have shut down the entire park so no-one can enjoy it anymore.
Hurrah for red tape.
I'm being silly of course.
Can you see the ice?
The frost?
The mist.
It was nothing like this when I fell over.
It was muddy and undignified.
There was also a lot of duck shit.
And swan shit.
Sigh.Posted by Hello


Red Egg said...

How did you manage to slip?

Elliot said...

It had been raining.
The ground was wet.
The boards were slippery.
I'm sure you can work the rest out.

Red Egg said...

Quite nicely, yes. Thank you :)

Ann said...

I'm sorry

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