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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

It's the Elliot Show

I've always wanted to animate a series based on my lifes adventures.
It would mostly involve a young and talented cartoonist moving to the tiny island state of Tasmania and rotting away while the world passes him by...
Well maybe not.
One thing's for certain though, it would involve very little sex, lots of terrific women and too much beer (although not that often anymore really - when your pals are all growed up with kiddies and partners and whatnot it's hard to spend to much time on the piss. I'm much more likely to babysit and change nappies than sink a six...or a twelve).
Which isn't to say I'm complaining.
I can spend an awful lot of money while I'm at the pub, especially on a big night, so I'm actually saving myself a fortune.
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Ann said...

Oh hello! Thanks for visiting :) Love your drawings!

Elliot said...

My pleasure - you are welcome back anytime.
I've actually tried to post a few times on your blog but am having a bit of technical trouble doing so.
I do however read your posts even if I don't post.

abuliac said...

I think the series would be a hit! :)

Mel said...

Well you have fans already - I say go for it! Don't go hunting any wascally wabbits now.

Elliot said...

Oh thank you regular readers.
I can assure you if this did come to fruition it would involve the following:
Getting up and walking the dog.
Going to work.
Hanging out with dear pregnant friend.
Walking the dog.
Going to bed.

Mel said...

Oh Tell Me More - I am dying to know what happens next!

Elliot said...

Melly -
I go to bed.
Get up for a whizz at about 3.
Get up at 6 to walk the dog.
I could lie about all the terrific sex I've been having with exotic bikini chicks but it would be a lie.

Mel said...

Well that settles it then, I am getting a subscription to your show. You're funny - but then you knew that. Bummer about getting up for a tinkle at that time - I'ld be inclined to... never mind.

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