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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Ith Thith Thith?

I would normally not post anything this geeky and internety, but I thought as long as it was accompanied by a silly drawing I would get away with it.
Star Wars was pretty important to me as a kid.
My brief version of the new films is that they are all crap (but with lots of pretty pictures that animation types like me love).
Film maker Kevin Smith reviews the new film, Revenge of the Sith, here.
He's very positive about it.
Now, the only reason I'm going on about Star Wars is because someone lent me a game for my PC - a Star Wars strategey type blowing things up game.
I've been playing it on cheat mode - I've mentioned before I'm not very competetive.
Last night I was enjoying the mayhem created by tanks and soldiers and all that crap and when I realised I was finished it was nearly 2 in the morning.
I like to get up at 6 and walk the dog.
So I'm a little weary now thanks to that stupid game.
I blame the media.
Incidentally, the silly childlike drawing is from a series I did that included Planet of the Apes, Braveheart and Free Willy.
I will post the others someday.Posted by Hello


Mel said...

I respect Kevin Smith - I prize my signed copy of the screenplay for Clerks/Chasing Amy.

Elliot said...

I think he personally is a pretty funny feller, but the only movie of his I really like is Chasing Amy, which I think is right on the ball.
Actually - I'm pretty fond of Jersey Girl too although many aren't.

Angi said...

oh i just hated the new ones and the dvd set of starwars, it just ruined the childhood movies i loved. blah it just makes me angry just thinkin about it. oh and if you wanted to see that painting better that i posted i could send you it. just let me know

abuliac said...

"silly"? "childlike"? better than any of my drawings! haha

I once went to a midnight showing of Star Wars (12:01am of opening day) and saw lots of people dressed up as characters (to go to a movie!) There are some strangely obsessed people out there...

One one hand, their obsession is scary, but on another hand ("another" was a typo for "the other", but I'm leaving it because it makes it sound like I have more than two hands...) I have to admire (to some degree) their passion...

Wow... my accumulated lack of sleep is making me incoherent.

Elliot said...

I agree Periangel - there's nothing more inspiring than someone who's prepared go go out in public and say "Yes! I am a total dickhead and I'm proud and I don't care what anyone else thinks!".

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