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Tuesday, April 26, 2005


You may all recall me whining about having dislocated my leg about a month ago.
Well, just when it was beginning to heal, I slipped on the boardwalk while walking the dog and tore a whole new set of newly healed tendons.
Very happy indeed.
So I'm bandaged up and full of iburopfen (excellent for hangovers also).
It hurt like fuck and made that same dreadful rending noise again.
Monday was a public holiday here in Australia and I took Tuesday off to rest my leg (ahem).
One good thing however is that my good friend Charmaine found the David Byrne article "Why I hate world music" .
It's a great read for all you intellectual types and those interested in the world in general.
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Jennie said...

Ouch! *sympathy* Nothing is more frustrating than reopening old wounds and reinjuring yourself. I competely understand - blogs are good diversions :-)

Elliot said...

Especially just when it's getting better.
I'm not really a sporting type and have only ever had one other injury - a snapped archilles (I don't even have any fillings!), so I'm kind of a stranger to pain.

Mel said...

Ouchie E. Try not to break or tear anything this week - and yay for the painkillers - they make thinks all purty again!

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