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Friday, April 22, 2005

The hills are alive

Music and images go hand in hand.
People love musical archetypes - the jazz dude in a beret, the drug ridden rock star blah blah blah.
Now then - I've started this blog with the intention of directing readers to an online article by David Byrne called "Why I Hate World Music".
Of course now that I'd like everyone to read this extremely interesting article (he doesn't hate world music as such, just what the name has come to mean) I cannot find it online anymore.
There used to be a link from his site but the blasted thing has been taken down.
So, what I'm figuring you can do, is pretend to have read the article and then if anyone ever asks if you know of it you can pretend and say, "Oh yes, fascinating, very postmodern" or whatever other mindless response you'd like to give.
Helpful as ever, I am.Posted by Hello


Mel said...

I am such a sucker for a guy in a beret, against a yellow background, with a trumpet with musical notes - swoon.
nicely done E.

Elliot said...

Oh anything to keep you interested in the blog Melly.

abuliac said...

I find it funny that the first detail I noticed about the painting was that there were only four lines in the music staff (as opposed to the traditional five). I think it translates the unconventionallity (if that is a word, which I don't think it is) of jazz rhythms and scales into the drawing. Forgive me if my language is incomprehensible. I'm intravenously connected to a coffee pot to stay awake!

Elliot said...

The four lines is a cartoonist thing.
We also like 3 fingers on each hand although I tend to draw fingers as a jumble of lines with no specific number of digits.

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