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Wednesday, April 01, 2009

No Beard

The beard came off on Monday.
It'll be back soon.


Vincenzo said...

Nothing like stepping ouside on a 40 degree day with a newly naked face!


yeah, i only shave for charity. take a photo i can't image how you'd look.

Elliot Cowan said...

Vince - I tried it completely naked.
It was interesting.

Pedro - I look like a bit like Harold Ramis and a lot like my granny.

Asterisk Animation said...

Congratulations! Now you'll fit in with us sophisticated Yankees (janquis).

darthfurby said...

I must have missed out on the non-beard, as I remember seeing a pre-beard there Wednesday.

Hair or no hair, your powers are safe, because that night at the bar you were a Vortex of Charisma, drawing all nearby passengers into the Elliot Zone. If you had called us every name in the book we'd still feel like a million bucks, such is your super power, but you spoke your mind both good and bad like a true New Yorker. Pretty soon you'll be breaking out into rap songs about cop killing, with an afro and bling.

While I am orange juice to your beer, we are cut from the same cloth. I knew this when we met over "the stressful adventures of Boxhead & Roundhead: On the Run" last year on the drawingboard forums.

And in honor of our finally meeting in person, I shall now hold a moment of silence for non-beard, which apparently died I quick death.

Elliot Cowan said...

Darth - I can't remember your real name...
That is a very nice comment.
Don't hold me in such high regard though, I just put a sack full of newborn kittens in the microwave.

darthfurby said...

What a coincidence, I use my microwave to nuke human babies!

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