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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Strange Conventions

Who was it that decided that animated children's films should be bookended with live action pieces in which the main character is shown to transform into an animated character (and back again at the end)?

Why is it that in any film in which a character who is a composer/musician performs the single greatest piece of their entire lives, is the music always uninspiring and forgettable (yet the audience in the film goes ka-ka for it)?

I was reminded of this second strange convention last night when, because of some kind of chemical inbalance in our brains, we watched the film August Rush - a film so fucking awful that it actively makes you stupider the more of it you watch.
Rebecca and I lay in an August Rush induced coma that lasted a good forty or fifty minutes before we regained enough cognitive functions to slide from the couch to the jug of vodka filled summer punch that was sitting on the table nearby.


Asterisk Animation said...

They shot a lot of that around Union Square.

For some reason I thought it was an "Animal House" type movie about an NYU type school.

I now refuse to believe otherwise.

Elliot Cowan said...

It sure looks like they did.

It is not an Animal House style thing.
It's an attempt to make a fairy tale.

There's a huge difference between a shit film, and a film that's trying so hard to be something that it's not and totally misses the mark.

Die Hard 2 is a shit film, but it's entertaining in it's own brainless, dumb arse way.

August Rush is insulting to the intelligence. I'm sure there's a drinking game you can play where you have a shot of whiskey every time the film prompts you to say "What the fuck????".

The question to be answered is "Why the hell did you watch it?".
For this I have no answer.
We just did, and once it had started there was no turning back.

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