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Thursday, September 06, 2007

Sea and Spaniard

I am pleased to say that for the first time in over a year I visited the sea.
This is a big deal to any coastal Australian.
It was a pleasure to feel the waves wash over my feet (that's me with the red nails).

A few days later I was delighted to share a Moroccan meal with Joan Cabot.
Those who know him can tell that he appears to have lost about 15 kilos since we saw him last.
Shame you can't say the same for me...


Matt J said...

Hah! Great to see youse two together in NY. You like a regular pair o' wiseguys! Joan seems to be settling in nicely.

Paul Mckeown said...

You guys look fabulous!!!

Simona Ciraolo said...

Ohh, guys, that's so unfair! Why do you have to be so far away???

Good to see you two, any way!

limbolo said...

Cool beach.... No I mean it. Where is that?

Elliot Cowan said...

It's Long Beach, Long Island.

It's like many beaches at home except the water is murkier and smells significantly less salty, which seems odd to me.

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