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Monday, May 21, 2007


My laptop is ill and is being collected for repairs tomorrow.
Hopefully I can dash off some drawings to post over the next few days before they take it.
I'm also busy with a new Boxhead and Roundhead that I initially had intended to call "The Power Of Flight", but may have changed my mind.
Anyway - Cartoon Brew were nice enough to put a link to one of my bitching and moaning posts - the one where I was whining about Cartoon Network.
Thanks for that!
The link sent a huge number of people to my blog, every single one of which was sensible enough not to bother to question my idiotic opinions.


Anonymous said...

looking forward to your new B N R!!

Sorry to hear bout your computer but the pencil and paper are just as good for drawing.

Elliot said...

Yes indeed - but it's a little hard to drive them onto the information superhighway without some kind of digital assistance...

Oscar Grillo said...

God knows how you must misstreat that poor computer. Did you know that "computer" (La computadora) in spanish is "female"?
It says a lot about you!

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