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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nations and Nations

Hey all.
I like to update my blog every day but I've been busy working for the team at McKeown Devita.
As my laptop weighs about 80 kilos I leave it at the studio so I have no digitally type things to stick pretty pictures on the internet with.
I had two seperate conversations about the same thing today, with two different people.
We were discussing the similarities between the USA and the UK and Australia.
I noted that one thing Australians and Brits have in common is apologising for things that they didn't do.
We'll say, "I'm sorry. Really sorry. I hate to make a fuss but there seems to be a turd in my soup".
Did we put the turd in the soup?
But there we are saying sorry.
Why should we be sorry for not liking something?
The Americans would never apologise for such a thing.
"There's fucking shit in my soup!", they'd say, "I can't eat this, I'm gonna sue", and be completely justified in doing so.
There are related differences.
Here, if I crush the toes of an elderly lady with my big clomping boots while on the bus, the old lady will almost certainly say, "Oh dear, I'm sorry. Even though there is blood seeping through my sock, through my shoe and onto the floor, I consider myself to be responsible for my own predicament. What a stupid, old hag I am".
In Australia I'd be told to fuck off and I assume in America I'd be sued (slightly less justifiably).
Australia does have a lot more in common with the United States than with the UK though, something I was very surprised to discover.
Australia does of course have it's roots in The United Kingdom.
Growing up in Oz, particularly as the child of British parents gives you a certain understanding of British culture.
I was odd to discover that it's all a bit of a myth.
I'm talking about England here, not Scotland.
The England that we see in television is the England that the media here (particularly the newspapers) cling onto desperately.
There are certain iconic images that Australia holds dear and will wheel out for television commericals and the Olympics - Bondi Lifesurfers, Vegimite etc, etc.
Kind of like the jumper your Aunt gave you for Christmas that you have to wear when she comes to visit.
It's not really you but it's all you've got to show.
England I think exists on postcards and in television dramas and on The Bill, but I'm not sure if it's anywhere here.


Oscar Grillo said...

Yes...And that is why the Americans have invented Guantano Bay prison camp and Extraordinary renditions. To punish those who put turds on your soup

gur-B said...

I'm sorry for the turd in your soup

Anonymous said...

Here in America, we put the turds in our own soup so that we can sue... Or fingers or whatever's handy...

Anonymous said...

here the plumbing is quite good, so we put our turds in the toilet.

Elliot said...

Only after electing them to power.

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