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Monday, October 16, 2006

The Idea

Tonight I saw a newly released animated film which has inspired this post.

In the beginning someone comes up with a tiny, primitive idea.
Out of the gloom the idea begins to grow, shedding light on everything around it.
Everyone that receives the light from the idea begins to add to it, and it grows bigger and bigger.
Soon, an excited group of enthusiasts are gathered around the idea.
They are in a special club that knows what the idea is all about.
What will happen.
Where it's going.
It's like a little baby that needs carefull attention, good food and lots of sunlight.
Eventually comes the day when the idea is too big for this small group of followers, and everyone else gets to see it, and, like everyone else before them, they begin to add to the idea.
As more and more people join the special secret club, the idea begins to get a little bit lost.
Too many people and not enough idea.
Everyone has heard of the idea, but no one is sure exactly what it is.
It's become fuzzy and indistinct.
Then finally, when everyone's finished with the idea, it doesn't seem to be what everyone thought it was in the first place.
And that's that.


Oscar Grillo said...

That is the animated film "L'idee" by Bertolt Bartosch from 1932.

Rich said...

*nods* good one!

Clio said...

Great drawing! Wish _I_ had some ideas....

Elliot said...

Oz - I've been stealing subsconciously from sources I've never seen for years.

Richard - cheers.

Clio - you have no ideas of any kind? I'd believe that.

Boris Hiestand said...

are you speaking of hoodwinked by any chance?
Of course, this post could relate to ANY animated film of the last 6 years...

J.a.G. said...

What's the movie?

Stef said...

I'm lost.

Elliot said...

The film was Open Season.

Stef - What can I help you with little boy? Are you looking for your mummy?

Anonymous said...


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