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Friday, July 07, 2006

Goodbye to Oh Canada

Well I have no pictures for any of you just yet.
I have a few things I will document when I arrive in London (sometime in the next 30 hours or so) including such highlights as:
*Fillipino Vic, the cab driver who bent me over and fucked me up the arse.
*Hollywood actress Carrie Anne Moss with a baby hanging off her tit.
*Bob the zookeeper discussing how the big cats will be quite prepared to drag you through the cyclone fence if given the chance.

I have had a very jolly time in Canada (Vancouver specifically).
Everywhere is flanked by the kind of massive mountain ranges that Bilbo Baggins and friends would have found familiar.
The city elders here have found it necessary to ruin the view by erecting shitty apartment buildings.
I would like to extend my services for free to the people of Vancouver.
I would be quite prepared to hunt down and bring to justice (via slow and painful means) the architects, accountants and other red tape merchants who were responsible for constructing these weeping sores on the landscape.
If anyone would like me to look into this, please email me.
I have been to a nice acquarium and enjoyed some fish and some seals.
And I went to the Greater Vancouver Zoo, which despite being a little neglected was being tended by a team of clearly dedicated staff who made the experience a lovely one.
The management also seem to have a policy of only hiring cute girls which can never be a bad thing.
I leave for the UK tomorrow and arrive Saturday morning.
Cheer Team Blog.


Oscar Grillo said...

Bring an umbrella....On monday we'll meet for a pizza with some animators, John Skibinsky from Melbourne among them...Would you join us?...I'll mail you details.

J.a.G. said...

Beautiful BC.
Everyone loves it.

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