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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Goodbye San Fran

I have just waddled back to the hotel after eating more than than an Norwegian walrus at HerringFest.
Tonight is my last night in the United States and I really have had a jolly time indeed.
I am pleased to say that with the exception of visiting The Cartoon Museum (which had a bunch of terrific stuff including some Robert Crumb, Maurice Sendak, Edward Gorey and other great illustrators) I have managed to do no touristy things whatsoever.
In fact I have done very little more than eat and drink and make much merriment.
Some folks have asked me if I have documented my trips in illustration for and I have to say I haven't.
I don't use a sketchbook in daily use, never mind when I am on holidays.
I'm an observer and not a documentor (or some other high fallutin' shit that gives me an excuse).
Anyway - toodle oo!


Oscar Grillo said...

II completely sympathize with the notion that recording the "external space" in a sketch book is a gigantic waste of time...As useless as the famous "Five Minutes Pose" of life drawing.
You are better served by a digital camera. Drawing your "Internal Space" says more about the world than any sketch of people in a farmer's market will ever do.

Spots said...
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elliotanimated said...
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Elliot said...
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Elliot said...

I have only recently bought a digital camera and as I am not used to taking it with me I keep leaving it behind.
I do like taking pictures though.

Little Rock said...

Goodbye San Fran, hello Can can.... err...mmm.
Yes, my life is on mail order - coming any day now.

Clever pic.

Claude Bordeleau said...

Niiice caricature! Now, you can go in quebec? :)

Pag said...

you didn't even come to South Carolina??! You really need to be exposed to the Bible Belt in order to really appreciate America **snort**

Oscar Grillo said...

In Vancouver you could visit my friend, the animator Marv Newland...Tell him I sent you...Ask him to show yo his legendary "Bambi meets Godzilla"

belinha said...

You live in the kangaroo land, so far away from here!One of these nights I dreamed of a kangaroo.This much is true.Well, can I apply to the Most Stupid Comment Ever?!

Elliot said...

As it happens Belinha I am bit so far away as I'm on my way to the UK.
You are welcome to the prize for most stupid comment but you'd have to wrestle it away from the lovely Alina Chau first.

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