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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Another Old One

Not only is my Wacom still fucked (the boffins suggest I get a new one), and my version of Painter won't run on this system (suggesting that I may need to get a new one), but I really don't like drawing in Photoshop.
so as mentioned, for a while at least, you're stuck with television commercials.
Some time ago I posted something that I said was the first ad I ever made by myself.
I was wrong - this is.
I'd forgotten all about it.
It was animated frame by frame in Illustrator and composited in a now defunct piece of software called AXA (defunct seems to be the name of the game here).

Has anyone seen Tasmania on the news recently?
We have a couple of miners trapped almost a kilometre underground.
They survived an underground rock fall and have been trapped in a for over a week now - a computer generated graphic shows the two lads in a cage this pinned down by what looks like a giant piece of ginger.
They are close to hauling them out.
I'll paraphrase a joke from a newspaper: They are using a large boring machine to drill them out, one would have thought the people of Beaconsfield have had enough of large boring machines when David Koch and Melissa Doyle of the Today show turned up to do live crosses.

Also - Tasmania is a rural community. Farming, vinyards, mining that kind of thing mostly.
As the world gets smaller, so do regional communities, and as such small towns do their best to drum up business.
In the north east there is a town called Sheffield, Town of Murals.
Every year talentless goons turn up with paint and brushes and paint the walls with horrible pictures.
Railton, a town just down the road, have proclaimed themselves "Railton, Town of Topiary".
This bunch of shit can be seen here.
I'm not sure if either the general Tasmanian public or visiting tourists are going to be lured to Railton with the promise of topiary delights, but good on them for trying.
Topiary, for those not in the know, is the art of pruning a shrub into an interesting shape - usually something stupid.

Actually - I've just a had a brief glance at the meager website and if you go here you'll find some nice historical photos of the town showing Australia in a time that was wild and wooly. Anyone who's seen the film The Proposition will be interested.


Oscar Grillo said...

What do they mine in Tasmania?

Elliot said...

In this instance, gold.

J.a.G. said...

Are these the miners they gave iPod's too?

Topiary, really? zzzzzz.
I bet my friends mom would be all over that though.

Elliot said...

Yes - JAG.
Every time they report on the trapped two, the seem to mention ipods and egg sandwiches.
They are listening to Foo Fighters.
The Apple people must be thrilled.

J.a.G. said...

Visions of dollar bills dancing in their heads.

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