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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Ancient Stuff

Here's a funny one.
This commercial won an award.
An award for animation - best animated commercial in a mid level awards thingy (that has made such an impact on me that I don't recall what was called).
In all, there are about 9 actual drawings here - a walk cycle.
And it won.
Now then, what is very silly about this, is that I entered another commercial in the same category, one I have posted here before, that is fully animated from beginning to end.
The judges were all representatives from the advertising industry, so that should say just about everything there is to say about the business.
TV people may recognise the work of a VERY old graphics tool called an ADO, which was used when commercials were cut in a linear fashion.
No-one knew what it stood for, but I think the O was for "oscilator".


Boris Hiestand said...


Matt J said...

Love that sexy Tazzie voiceover!

Elliot said...

Boris, if you lived in Australia, everyone would call you "Boz".

Matt - I don't recall the name of the girl but she was and still is as sexy as she sounds.
Tiny Italian girl...

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