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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Welcome To Television

"Welcome to television".
These were the words spoken by Bruce Gyngel on the first television broadcast in Australia.
I found this television publication at a friends place (he collects all kinds of weird shit).
It's from a 1974 magazine called Technical Review (year I was born!).

Check out these sexy boys - no, it's not Pedophiles Anonymous, but some tech folks.
Most techies still look like this I'm sorry to say (like Francis Coppola, Sam Raimi and Billy Bob Thornton)

Look what we learned to do!
We learned to take one bit of vision, and mix it over the top of another bit!
Take that ILM!
I can't even begin to imagine what they are going to be be cutting together...

Fancy a television broadcaster?
They're a little smaller now.
This one also made coffee and gently massaged your penis if you slid it into a little hole on the side.


Oscar Grillo said...

God bless technology...I have hundred of hours of open reel tape but no player. I have LOADS of 78 rpm records but no turntable, I have hundreds (Thousands) of hours of VHS tapes, I have thousands of books and magazines but I suffer from astigmatism and I am almost blind on one eye.......

Oscar Grillo said...

I had a cataract operation badly done and the eye got distorted. I see double with a single eye..I see a straight line with funky little curves...I PAYED MONEY FOR THIS OPERATION BECAUSE I'VE GOT IT DONE PRIVATELY!!

Cool, Wow, Neat and all those things!!

Part of my problems with the typing of these comments is that I don't see them very well, the other part is because I am a dago.

Elliot said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Elliot said...

Fuck me Grillo - that is fucking appalling!
You earn a living with your eyes!
I'm really at a loss for words.

As for your eyesight, I can excuse that, but the dago thing is another matter.

Interesting fact - in Australia, you'd be a WOG, something I have often been referred to as.

Oscar Grillo said...

Like the name "Dago" because it is supposed to be the first man killed by Billy The Kid. "Dago" was a Mexican named Diego...Billy couldn't pronounce his name. He use to say that he killed 19 men, not counting Mexicans.

Elliot said...

I am distantly related to Billy The Yid, who killed no-one at all but worried that he should have.

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