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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Daily Grind

My wacom tablet is fucked, but I do like these thin lines as it makes it look a bit Tove Jannsonny.
I shall get another pen when the house is sold...

I was brought up to believe that everyone has a right to be on the planet and live a nice life.
I have no issue with race, gender or sexual preference.
So having said all that, I have just upset the new girl who declared that two men together was disgusting.
I suggested that was something she probably needed to have a good think about.
I personally have no great desire to shag other men, but I certainly encourage them to do it as often as they would like to.
And surely two fellers getting it on is not any less silly and ridiculous as anyone else (except two girls - phwoar!).
So this picture is for you Nardo!

And to finish on a completely unrelated non-bottom note.
Here is a comment made by one of the New Prophets on the blog of another of the same sect:
" All the best corpses turn in their graves.
Only the dull are left to rest in peace."


Oscar Grillo said...

Sex is in the mind of the beholder, or in the eye in the case of the voyeur...I am sure your wacom is not fucked up. You only need to re-calibrte it..It happened to me a little while ago.

Oscar Grillo said...

Erratum:...Read "it happened to MINE" above, not "TO ME"...But the truth is that I also need recalbration.

Elliot said...

Sex seems to be in the eye of everyone elses beholder I think!

mr-dunn* said...

i heard a cowboy say once.."if he's gonna f*&$ me in the ass-at least he could have the courtesy to offer me a reach-around!"
having fun here elliot-post away!

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