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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Tourist Poem

Take me not to palaces, or bridges or to towers.
Please don’t take me anywhere I have to queue for hours.
I do not care for Queens, or for Kings or Presidents,
I do not care for Popes or Duchesses of Kent.
I am quite keen on galleries, with art upon the walls,
And ancient ruins please me, and lakes and waterfalls.
If nature had a hand in it, then you can count me in,
But if you pay a price to stand in line, my patience will wear thin.
Take me somewhere wonderful, with food and drink and a view.
Take me somewhere colourful where I can discuss the world with you.
Leave out all the tourists traps and foreigners with glee.
A hundred million foreigners messing up the place.
Like me.

Based on a coversation with an international friend.


Oscar Grillo said...

And Disneyland?

Elliot said...

That is a category all of it's own.
I would like to visit Disneyland but only in a Withnail and I, Hunter S Thompsony kind of way.
(I was actually there when I was 14 and was felt up by Captain Hook).

RedDiabla said...

Just don't go to Disneyland's California Adventure. I never understood why they'd have a California-themed park *in* California. It boggles the mind.

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