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Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Food for Thought and More Poetry

This picture is inspired by the handiwork of someone much more talented than I (and better looking too no doubt).

Here are some poems that are the result of a game I was playing with a pal of mine via chat.
She'd supply 3 words and I'd write something using them.
Here is a sampling.

lamps, beetle, iguana

I had a lamp beside my bed, up the top right near my head...or perhaps I'll speak of beetles instead. Or I could, if you wanna, talk about my pet iguana

frisbee, chowder, weasle

I'm addicted to my frisbee. I grind it into powder. I snort it up my nose and sprinkle it on chowder. To my weasle I once gave a dose, it also sniffed it up it's nose.

cicada, granite, foam

The cicada is a nasty bug, it chirrups all night long. I want to crush it with my fist or bash it with my thong. I'd like to see one panic and I pummelled it with granite. Listen to it wail and moan as I turned it's form to ooze and foam.

kettle, walnut, billygoat

I threw my kettle at the old billy goat and he turned around and bit my scrote. To late was I, I sadly found, both my walnuts on the ground.


J.a.G. said...

Can you really bash things with a thong...pretty flimsy material usually!

Tee hee!!! walnuts :)

Boris Hiestand said...

that's some funny poop!

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