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Saturday, March 11, 2006


I had a thought last night as I was scribbling these images down.
I had watched Martin Scorsese's film The Aviator again a few weeks back.
For those who do not know of it is a biographical movie about well known obsessive compulsive Howard Hughes.
In this film, Howard would get stuck on a word, a phrase and his mind would force him to repeat it over and over until it sounded "right".
It never would.
And it occured to me that those of us who make images might have some of this obsessive compulsion in us also - but fortunately with mechanisms built in to cope.
Why do we draw?
What makes us do it?
I am sure that many of you relate to times when you have drawn the same image 350 times until it is right (the mechanism clicks in there instead of us spending our lives locked in rooms and widdling in milk bottles).
I have posted my big scribble pictures before - I find it to be an entirely pleasing experience to spend days scritching away at these things.
Obessively adding new layers of ink.
I know when the are done - but until that point I can't put it down.
And how about those of you who obsess at 24 frames a second - surely the ultimate obessive compultion.
My giant scribbles remain inert forever, but your image last for only a moment.
But they all have to be right or it doesn't work.
And this blogging business.
I hate not posting at least once a day.
What happens if I dont?
Nothing! But I feel compelled to do it.
And because I don't always have anything to say, I fall back on the same themes and images.
Is this part of it too?
That'll do for now - I need to go wash my hand. Again. Again. Again. Again....


donnachada said...

Haha, obsessive compulsive, naaah. Insane, yes!!!
Love all the latest sketches Elliot.
How big are these?

Elliot said...

They are tiny Don - only half A4 (well that's tiny for me anyway).
I'm wrapping up my house and didn't have the money to spend on larger sized paper.

Oscar Grillo said...

For no reason whatsoever I feel like writing: Raskolnikoff, Smerdiakoff, Svidrigailoff, Marmeladoff and the Brothers Karamazov..
That's all for tonite, Elliot. Good night, mate.

Elliot said...

Good night Comrade.

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