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Sunday, March 12, 2006

Happy Anniversary - PLUS MORE!

Pussy, muff, slit, gutted Ewok.
There are all kinds of things you can called the humble vagina.
In Australia you can also call it "The Map of Tassie".
It was 9 years ago to the day I moved to this fucking place (pun intended).
Happy Anniversary.
This will be my last year.

Recurring images.
Smoking factories.
Silhoutted monsters.
Girls with short hair.
Enraged people.

I post this image for talented up and coming designer Rebecca Angelou who doesn't think I know much about women.
Like everyone else, I know women spend all their time at slumber parties, chin deep in each others labias.


W.MEANS said...

Really nice! ^_^

Anonymous said...

I usually like your work, but this particular piece leads me to believe you don't know women too well, sorry.

Elliot said...

Perhaps you'd care to elaborate, Rebekit?

Oscar Grillo said...

I think the lady at the top of this posting suffers from hyrsutism.

The veification word is:
"rrkrrr"...Nice, ain't it? sounds like a raspberry.

UM said...

Love it when the top of the thighs don't touch but leave that very sexy little gap.

Elliot said...

Grillo - it's the movie of the week I think "Hirsuitism".

UM - When I was in Uni we used to call that space "Gap", as in "Nice gap on the blonde", etc.

Oscar Grillo said...

The gap, in England, is referred as the "Foden", in honour of the logo of a range of trucks

Anonymous said...

not sure how to elaborate, except to say the so called "muff" you illustrated looks horrid. I feel sorry for her.

Also, not my type of slumber party, but maybe your type of fantasy ;)

enough on this

Ultra Fem said...

I think the plural is actually "labia".

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