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Thursday, March 30, 2006


This is what how one looks when one is entertaining a 3 year old.
The top image is a preview of Disney's new design for Mickey Mouse.

Celebrity Chef and good friend of mine, Charmaine Candi-Brown has suggested a similarity between these images and the likeness of popular Australian comedy character, Aunty Jack (1970s).


J.a.G. said...


delu said...

I wonder how my childhood had been having you as an alternative Mickey Mouse.

You should wear pigtails more often :-D

UM said...

Hey Elliot,
this made me laugh out loud! Great Mickey!

Oscar Grillo said...

I went to check on Aunty Jack...Sounds amazing...When channel 4 started in this country the showed Norman Gunston's Show... I thought he was a genius! Unfortunately he was cancelled and the intolerable Paul Hogan moved in.

Elliot said...

Delu - if this had been the Mickey of ANYONES childhood you would have grown up a very different person.
It's entirely possible that everyone who visits here would have gone into a different industry.

Uli - I have the same effect on women.

Grillo - emailed you re Norman Gunston!

Mik said...

We won't comment you look like a disgruntled Aussie Samurai!


Stef said...

Come like this to one of our lunch in London when you're over here!

Elliot said...

And so it shall be - I'll also wear a dress.

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