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Thursday, March 30, 2006


This is the J Boag and Son Brewery, which, at the moment at least, makes my favourite beer: Boags Premium.
Boags Premium is kept for up to 60 days in the maturation tanks to achieve that full Premium taste.
I know this because I spent several week one year directing a documentary about the place (that was actually a really nice job that was completely fucked in the arse by a dreadful VO that one of the executives at the brewery insisted upon..anyway).
What you can see from the street are called the mash-tunns.
In 1999 Boags almost had to stop making beer when some clever fellow refilled the tunns with more hops before emptying the last lot, which is kind of like using twice as much self raising flour in a small cake tin.
I don't really think I've captured it in these pictures, but this room in which the mash tunns are kept has a real 1930s sci-fi feel to it.
Lots of silver pipes and glowing lights.


Boris Hiestand said...

I can't see or hear or smell, let alone drink beer. I'm still very weak from Wednesday. however, when you leave for your travels, take with you a cask or 3, so that we might sample this amazing beer of yours.

Matt J said...

Yes, carry a large keg on your back like Obelix!

Oscar Grillo said...

You haven tasted beer till you drink British Real Ale.
I been informed that "Boags premium" tastes like lubra's loincloth.

Elliot said...

Boris - be a man! Get some more into you! Beer and cornflakes is a great start to the day.

Matt - are you callingme fat?

Grillo - Drinking a Boags is like having angels pissing on your tongue, so you shut up heathen.

Boris Hiestand said...

hey Obelix, are you going to bring some or not!

Elliot said...

I'd like to.
I'm not sure how well beer travels...
I'll investigate it.

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