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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

All Kinds of Things

Some ink experiments from last year.
Top one has been attacked with a stanley knife and then rewashed.
Bottom one was drawn with sticks.

I'm busy today and had trouble drawing the nude girls that I was hoping to post.
Instead you get an art combined with violence theme, which is nearly as nice as naked girls, but not quite.
Also - I think my British passport may have arrived - I have to go pick something up from the post office this afternoon...

Yes - it was indeed my British passport.
What a peculiar feeling.

Done for redhead thread on


Oscar Grillo said...

Did you have to have a loyalty test and repudiate the Australian cricket team and to spit on Howard's photograph and swear allegiance to Gordon Brown in order to acquire the British passport?

Elliot said...

Spitting on pictures of John Howard is in fact one of the steps you need to take to obtain an AUSTRALIAN passport.
Billy Conolly recently said on Australian television that the only use John Howard has is to show us what Harry Potter looks like when he's old.

Oscar Grillo said...

...And I forgot to ask about the renunciation of unnatural acts with sheep (Or that was for Kiwis?)

Elliot said...

We do all kind of unnatural things but you'll find it's the New Zealanders who have a thing for sheep.

Oscar Grillo said...

But if I was a Wallaby in Oz I'd be very worried!!
(I've been told that is Wallaby and not Wallabee)

Oscar Grillo said...

Sorry, Elliot. The drawings are wonderful, as to be expected!

Circus Boy said...

Someone said this talking about a graffiti artist...Doesn't he remind you of someone?

"This guy/guys tags EVERYWHERE. I've seen his tags in really odd places around town. One was on the back of a paper towel dispenser in a restroom that you could only see if you were standing up peeing and looking in the mirror.

Seriously, everywhere"

Elliot said...

Indeed - it's only Wallabee at Aardman.

Circus Boy - indeed it does remind me of someone! How very amusing.
I wonder who you are?

Bill Morton said...

holy Cow. these are AMAZING Elliot. I missed them on the redhead thread. The top one has that Elliot brand "what's really going on below the border?" quality that you know I dig! I love your stuff.

Elliot said...

Ha - Bill.
I actually have had that in mind ever since you mentioned it the first time.
I don't tend to draw girls without thinking of your comment.
Cheers matey.

CarolineJarvis said...

Hey those inks are great! I love experimenting with new mediums but I've never tried sticks..... will have to give it a shot!


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