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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Very Silly Pulp Nonsense

I debated posting this for some time.
It's incredibly silly and not the kind of thing I would normally do.
Overly serious and's utterly silly...but here it is.
I'm busy today and not sure if I'll get time for something a little better.

Added note - I don't have a problem posting violence and sex (which anyone who knows me well realises).
My issue with this picture is simply that it's dopey, high school stuff.


Oscar Grillo said...

All in lines, Elliot, just lines.
It is no true that Shakespeare was a mass murdered because so many people die in his plays. This picture of bloody lesbian (?)intercourse is just lines.
Have you heard about the furore caused by the caricatures published in a newspaper in Denmark...How could they offend anybody? they were just drawings, and pretty badly done too. Some people see fish in the shape of clouds!

Elliot said...

No - I haven't heard about these caricatures from Denmark.
Tell me about them, though, I would like to hear.

I should mention that it's not the content of this picture I don't like, I just think it's a dopey picture.

Boris Hiestand said...

seems like you were afraid to post it cos of the subject- if that's the case don't be! Your loyal guests will keep coming, and all the rest should feg uuf. I like it.

Elliot said...

And that is why you are a God in my eyes Boris.

Oscar Grillo said...

I've e-mailed newspaper reports about the danish caricatures directly to you, Elliot.

RedDiabla said...

Lesbian death scenes are dopey high school stuff?!

Damn, that was one helluva high school you went to!

I like the drawing, high school be damned.

Elliot said...

HA!...very kind.

theo said...

Just lines? Line's don't have power? Art doesn't have power?

Elliot said...

Theo - Don't be so dramatic.

theo said...

Just questions, Elliot.

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