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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Two Guns

This is the handiwork of one of my university lecturers, Terry Matasoni (who we called Terry Two Guns for no reason I can recall).
He gave it to me for my 21st.
It's a lithograph I think.
It's one of my very few treasures and will be sad to leave it behind when I head off overseas.
Terry always encouraged us to fill up our canvas and it was something I took to heart.
It did take me a good 10 years to start producing images that didn't spread from horizon to horizon but the lessons learned were important.
Terry was a great teacher (he took our life drawing classes).
I think he felt it was more important to love drawing than to draw beautifully - the theory being that if you love it you will eventually get better at it.


Oscar Grillo said...

Great picture!! you know, that's the way I see the world!

Elliot said...

Yes it is wonderful.
I often spend time losing myself in it.
I imagined it was something you'd enjoy.

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