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Monday, February 27, 2006


Is there room in a commerical job for personal expression.
Is one really able to subvert or tell the truth when there is a brief and dollars at stake?
The image on the left is the kind of cute slop commonly available.
The image on the right is a gut feeling (for me anyway, nothing pleasing about falling in love as far as I'm concerned).
On the left there's populist silliness, on the right personal silliness.


Oscar Grillo said...

Is there room in a commercial job for personal expression?

-A friend of mine (in the sixties) said careers like Steinberg's you don't make any more.

Miss California said...

Oh...The drawing on the left is SOOOO CUTE!!!
Why did you ruined it with that horrid man's face on the right?...You, naughty, naughty man!!!!Have no consideration for us, the people in LOVE?!!!
I am never going to visit your blog again...Only Alina Chau's is worth of my presence. She knows what makes us tick.

Elliot said...

Then to Alinas blog you go you stupid whore!

llazza said...

I'd just like to say that Miss California is a dumb bitch! One of those people who wander along the rim of a volcano with a stupid smile on her face and a small dog in her Burberry handbag.

Elliot said...

And a shaven pussy in her pants.

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