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Saturday, February 18, 2006


This never started out as a tribute to Tove Jansson, but it ended up that way.
All these recent pictures of ships on the sea a related to her work so it was inevitable I would get around to this eventually.
My own linework is a great deal sloppier than Tove's wonderful careful drawings, but it's a tribute, not a photocopy, so there you are.
I think it may need some stars or perhaps I need to shift the moon up higher.
If this were a proper tribute I would have done it in pen and ink...


Oscar Grillo said...

Dearest Elliot. Your drawings have been showing some rather dense moods lately (and that's a compliment!)

Little Rock said...

I think this is lovely, and I like the moon where it is.

J.a.G. said...

I agree with LR.

Elliot said...

OZZY - I have often been describe as a bit dense! (thank you as always).

LR & JAG - the composition would benefit from having the moon peeking out from behind the top left part of the mountain.
I do not have a big monitor and so sometimes I don't always get it exact the first time.
I can zoom out the image but it's somehow not the same.

Stef said...

Funny, I've just bought 2 of her books last week, my girlfriend introduced me to her work.
I like the moon squeezed between those mountains.

donnachada said...

Love this man. Nice feeling to it.

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