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Friday, February 17, 2006

Homeless Drawings

Sometimes I start something but it doesn't go anywhere.
Here are some pieces I've never posted that fall into these categories.
The fellow with the A on his face is a drawing of someone elses character that I know nothing about.


RedDiabla said...

I like the hippo pileup.

Alessandro_PPG said...

Muito Bom! Divertido as suas ilustrações! Além de serem muito bem feitas ´são muito engraçads! Congratulations!!

Oscar Grillo said...

He said: "Very good! Your illustrations are very funny as they are very well done. they are very charming! Congratulations!

-You owe me a brew for this translation, Elliot.

I really like this pic. Specially the pile of hippos (Or are the Moomins?)

Oscar Grillo said...

What's going on, Elliot, No posting today?....Today I went o the Tate Modern and saw an exhibition of Martin Kippenberg and I REALLY like it!

Elliot said...

Everyone! Thanks for your thoughts.

Grillo - You may not know why but I think I owe you more than a brew, pal.

They are hippos - the Moomin picture will be next.

Elliot said...

OG - You must have posted that when I was typing up my last response.
I'm working on a bit of a Moomin tribute.
It didn't start out that way, but what can you do.
I have no control over these things.
I don't know of this Kippenburg but I shall look him up directly.

Clio said...

Your linework is AMAZING. O.O

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