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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Scritch Scratch

Here's an actual drawing - one made by (almost) human hands.
Rather unusually for me it's only A4 sized.
It's for an international buddy.

One part of my job that is forced on me occasionally is having to go and film sexy blonde girls in bikinis.
Unfortunately I'll be doing that for the entirety of today - dammit!
Will happily post some images of the event later this evening or tomorrow.

Update - later in the day.
There are few occasions where the client is right...
I was more than happy to fullfill his demands.


J.a.G. said...

For what ever reason my first thought was 'Oooh, Cookie Monster'.

I like it.

Stef said...

can't wait to see the picture! god you have hard days!

delu said...

This one is terrificly gorgeous! The monster face reminds me a bit of Q. Blake, specially the saw shaped teeth. And look at the sharped tongue and the huge disproportionated eye...It could even be you at full moon.

Oscar Grillo said...

I met Quentin Blake and he looks nothing like the guy in the picture.He is an rounded face gentleman , small eyed, quite tall, little hair and possible wearing a denture (Of rounded teeth)

Elliot said...

Stef - yeah it's a fucking dogs like around here sometimes.

Delu - Quentin Blake was someone I loved as a kid but kind of forgot about.
I think it's all too obvious that I've been stealing from him for years.

Grillo - I am not sure of your height or the state or your teeth but it sounds like you are talking about yourself.

J.a.G. said...

Ah, she's cute ....look at her freckles.

Alina Chau said...

Love the monster drawing!! VERY FUN ! Great design and composition too!

AndyMurray said...

Lovin the monster, man!!! Great as always bud. Lovin the pic of the girl, how did you draw so real? almost looks like a photo!! Ahh shes smiling just for me....

God i hope that isnt your girlfriend, otherwise ive really put my foot in it!
Speak soon mate.

Oscar Grillo said...

Yes, it is true what Alina appears to say...Your monster IS SO MUCH FUN that I had a technicolor yawn looking at it!!

Elliot said...

Alina - thanks for your thoughts.
I'll give you $1000 bucks if you ever bother to come back and read this response.
No - I'll make it $50,000.
How's that sound to you?

Andy - actually, the picture of the girl is a drawing and the monster is a photograph.
She is not my girlfriend.
She's very good at looking nice in a bikini but not very good at doing much else.

Grillo - Thank god there is so much fun in this world.

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