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Monday, February 13, 2006


Today I am busy.
I am not happy about it.
However I did have a pleasing experience this morning I would like to share.
I normally do not buy a lotto ticket.
Sometimes, but not often.
I did this past weekend.
Today I went to the post office to send some international packages.
The whole lot cost me me $25.50 (Australian $).
Then I went check my lotto ticket and won $25.50.
Hooray for Karma!


J.a.G. said...


You found a kid at the post office to draw that didn't you?!?

alberto mielgo said...

This never happen to me. Neither less or more.

Elliot said...

JAG - Some infantile character threw it together.

Alberto - you may have never experienced this minor kind of luck but you are one of the finest image makers around the blogs which I think more than makes up for it.

Oscar Grillo said...

Is the "Karma" you name above the famous "karma" Kameleon?...Or was he the also quite famous "Karma" Sutra?
Ah..The drawing is not as VERY FUN as your previous one, but it is quite VERY FUN all the same

Elliot said...

I'm referring to Karma Ngettit, the famous chef of the wild west.
I was hoping the drawing would be at least MOSTLY FUN.
To achieve VERY FUN is quite an honor.
Oftentimes my drawings are PARTLY FUN, and occasionally NOT VERY FUN AT ALL.

mr-dunn* said...

my karma just ran over my dogma...

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