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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

More Scritch Scratch

The reason you are seeing some more actual drawing from me is because I bought a pad of A4 watercolour paper in the grade that I like.
It fits on the scanner unlike most of what I do.

There is an appalling show on the television called Extreme Makeovers.
They take unappealing people and make them unappealing in a different way.
I had that on while I was drawing last night (I can't find the remote control which means I can't put the DVD player on, otherwise I wouldn't be watching broadcast tv).

This is digital, unlike its brothers above.
I'd like this as a bedspread.


Oscar Grillo said...

Really amazing!...And I am one of those who means it and knows what he is talking about!

"azkkzex" is the word verification.

Elliot said...

Oscar - you have been busy I think.
Your daily picture didn't come through.

J.a.G. said...

EM makes me nauseous. Brrr!

I look at your wanted bedspread and hear "Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine."

Oscar Grillo said...

Sorry about my rudeness, "just a girl",I have to have few words with Elliot over your epistolar shoulder...

Elliot:I sent it late yesterday's drawing because I am busy with some designs and magazine illustration.

Elliot said...

Cheers Oz - I suspected you were on the go.
Hope we get to see the results.
(verification "gwupbusm").

Oscar Grillo said...

Geoff Dunbar used to call me "Oz".. I haven't heard it for years

donnachada said...

Love the makeover. I'm sure "he" didn't expect to turn out like that. Love the "actual drawing". Fun with real material.

Dean Roberts said...

hey - love all the scratchy bw work - you might be interested to know that the story team on corpse bride listened to tom waits a lot and we wanted him to sing the bone jangles song in the movie - it didn't happen - we heard rumours that danny elfman didn't like working with famous musicians.also why haven't you got me on your links ......come on !!!!
note i don't have anyone on my links because i haven't got a clue how to do it .

Boris Hiestand said...

that WOULD make a great bedspread! Cut a deal with IKEA and sleep like a king!

mr Grillo- what's Geoff Dunbar up to these days?
I still want to get hold of the 'We All Stand Together' music video.. brilliant.

Elliot said...

Oz - If it doens't turn your stomach I'm sure I'm use it from time to time.
If you lived here it's probably all they'd call you.
Or Ozzy, or Ozzo or Grilly.

Don - cheers. It's interesting you see it as a guy, because I didn't draw it as such but when I finished it, it looked like a bloke.
Well done - gold star.

Dean - I am very interested to know this. Tom Waits provides so much fodder for me that it's nice to know other image makers are using hom for inspiration.
He would have been an interesting choice for that song - the lyrics are rather hard to pick in the mix and he would have brought that to another level.
As for your link, there is one there.
It's says "The Enlarged Dean Roberts" - perhaps I should change it to "The Miopic Dean Roberts".

Boris - After I'm finished with your animated musical I shall be working on line of fashions for you, based on my illustrations.
Lingerie and sleepwear mostly.

Anonymous said...

"There is an appalling show on the television called Extreme Makeovers.
They take unappealing people and make them unappealing in a different way."

Brilliant description!

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