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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

The Gorge

This is Launcestons Cataract Gorge.
I don't know if I've really done the place justice with these cobbled together panorama shots.
It's beautiful here any time of the year.
My friend Beth will note that yet again there is no-one really here.
There were a lot more people about 10 minutes later.

And with light and cheeriness there must also be darkness and something unpleasant.


J.a.G. said...

Very pretty.

Oscar Grillo said...


martin wittig said...

cool monster!!!

Boris Hiestand said...



delu said...

If that monster lived there, Launcestons would be even better, i'm sure.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

You lucky bastard

Smook said...

and why is that you're moving again?

Elliot said...

Everyone - thank you very much.
Smook - It's mostly to do with being totally insane and being chemically imbalanced.
It's also got something to do with art but I can't remember what anymore.

Edweird Gray said...

VEry NIce!!!!

Elliot said...

Cheers Ed!

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