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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Busy Again

I'm flying solo again at the moment, but I had time to whip this up.
At the other end of these zaps is a stupid fuck sales rep, the anger in which he brings out in me is immeasureable.

This image is unrelated but I feel like this sometimes.

And again, on a completely non-related note, I've just listened to a song that contains one of my favourite lyrics.
I present them to you.
"Like pawn shop furniture, or arrowroot biscuits,
I'm cheap and I'm everywhere and I'm good for 5 minutes".


Oscar Grillo said...

that what sales reps are for (And for the percentage!)

Elliot said...

Zapping or causing grief or both?
That'd be a yes, yes and yes.

J.a.G. said...

You need a super hero cape.

Little Rock said...

I know some people who would pay to have hair that looked like that 2nd pic..

Elliot said...

JAG - that would suggest I am some kind of hero.
If you ask anyone I've worked for they will be unlikely to agree.

Little Rock - Mine looks like that after a big night on the piss.

Oscar Grillo said...

And if I had any hair left I would look like that if they pee on mine (After a big night)

Boris Hiestand said...

love these images- bottom one reminds me of something Quentin Blake could have done. I wish I had Gostbustin' ass proton plasma rays coming out of my fingers..

Claude Bordeleau said...

Really inspiring and full of life!

delu said...

you're great, elliot !x-DD I know a person who wakes up exactly like your pics.

Have you tried Yoga or Tai Chi spiritual exercises?

GhettoFab said...

hahah man you never cease to amaze me! Thanks for helpin with the smilin again!

Marco Antonio SepĂșlveda said...

Pase a ver tus trabajos en mi viaje por el mundo del dibujo.


Marco Antonio SepĂșlveda

Elliot said...

Everyone - what kind folks you are!

Oscar - I can't even begin to imagine anyone pissing on your head. I suspect they wouldn't be at it for long.

Boris - Quentin Blake was a huge influence on me as a kid but it's only been recently that I've noticed. He's wonderful. If you've not visited, he has a website with some nice stuff on it.

Delu - I'm not built for such bendy excercises although I do visit a gym. Yoga may improve my art I suppose...

Mel - I think there's something to be said for being able to smile - it suggests that there is hope kickinng about the place.
Nice to see you again.

Marco - I've got Mr Urinehead translating your thoughts for me.
I'll assume it's positive for now.
Your own work is wonderful - perhaps you know of an illustrator called Tomi Ungerer? If not I imagine you'd enjoy his handywork.

Elliot said...

Oh - and Claude - thank you as always!

Alina Chau said...

these are fun drawings! nice energy!

donnachada said...

Ha, these are great. I love 'em both. I can feel the vibes from here.

Elliot said...

Alina - that's so wikkid!

Don - cheers again. Always very kind.

Matt J said...

Absolutely gorgeous gesture in the top one - lovely wee drawing.

Elliot said...

Cheer Matt - you are a lovely wee man for saying so.

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