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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Bob The Builder

I'm not much of a handyman although there are some things I've learned over the years through home renovations.
Those regular visitors know that I'm finishing a few bits and pieces of my house so I can sell it.
I've spent the last few days clear coating architraves.
I did the last coat on the skirting board last night with the last dribble left in the tin.
When I woke up this morning I discovered that the end of the tin was all tained and it looked like I'd been painting with glue.
I was not happy.
A quick sand an a repaint with clear coat was all it took to fix, but they will never look as nice as they did before I fucked them up.
I also did a tiny bit of painting.
It's remarkable really - give me a brush and a pile of colours and I'll whip you up something spectacular.
A blank wall...can I ever make it look good?....
I would never ask my builder to whip me up a commercial script or a mural would I, so why do I tackle these little things???


Oscar Grillo said...

Next time try it with Photoshop or Painter 5.

Kactiguy said...

Funny illo. What a multi-talented guy.

theo said...

Excellent! You make a fine Saint Sebastian.

Elliot said...

Oscar - I'll do it in Illustrator then I don't have to worry about the resolution.

Kactiguy - multi talented?

Theo - I was a little rude to you back there, I didn't realise who you were I'm sorry!

Oscar Grillo said...

Who is he?

Elliot said...

Theo is the uncle of good friend of mine - a regular visitor and no-one who deserves my smart arsed mouth (...he is American though...)

Stef said...

very funny drawing Elliot! good luck with all the fixing and renovating around your house.

theo said...

Not a problem, Elliot. With a couple of nails in my forehead I'd be a bit cranky, too.

Smook said...

Not handy? It takes precision and skillful know-how to place those nails in your forehead and still have it read in silhouette. Bravo!

Elliot said...

Stef - Thanks mate. Repairing the damage was a fairly simple affair fortunately.

Theo - Ha - cheers.

Smooker - I'm vaguely handy, but not very...

limbolo said...

always fertile, always funny...elegant too. You're one of those guys who puts on his tuxedo to draw.

Elliot said...

Neil - quite a compliment from someone whose work I've very much come to admire.
I also thank you for the link.
All means a great deal.

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