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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Ugly Love


Smook said...
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Boris Hiestand said...

lol WTF?

Kactiguy said...

Funny. Great shapes.

Smook said...

tis the festive season, is it not?

El Snoozo said...

Elliot man, you need to put a children's book out..Just to give lil' kids some whacked out nightmares..Great skethches.

Is ralph Steadman an artistic inspiration for you man? Your stuff looks so loose and expressive like his, but with like a dash of Chuck Jones thrown in.

Elliot said...

Hey everyone!
Thanks for your thoughts.

El Snoozo - You may know of Gerald Scarfe? He's the influence your mostly seeing. There is a link to his work on the side there.
And certainly some Chuck Jones, who I was lucky enough to meet when I was a teenager.

W.MEANS said...


AndyMurray said...

Special!! The monsters in love are great...when is the big day!!!

I will have to stop visiting your blog for a while as it is making me feel extremely lazy!!!!!!

Elliot said...

Andy - there's not reason to feel lazy.
Apart from the fact that I spend about 15 seconds on each of these things, I also work for the number 2 network in the state, which gives me plenty of time to do whatever I please.
I am certain I'd be happier being busy with the kind of work you guys are up to.
Cheers mate.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

I really think you need to put a book together in this style.


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