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Monday, November 14, 2005

For the benefit of Boris

Boris Hiestand, a pert and pretty German animator expressed some interest in seeing some of my other celebrity caricatures.
Here are some links to some older blog posts if you have any interest.
Then when you've finished looking at my old rubbish go take a look at his blog, which only has about 3 posts on it because he's remarkably lazy.
Uma Thurman - from Kill Bill. I'm particularly taken by Uma although she does look like she could do with a something to eat.
Clint Eastwood - from Million Dollar Baby. Not a great caricature really. I liked he and Morgan Freeman in that movie. They grumbled at each other for 2 hours.
Andrew Denton - Australian interviewer. Highly intelligent - very funny man.
David Byrne - I'm a huge fan of Talking Heads. This is one of those caricatures that's got more to do with feeling than accuracy. It's from the Stop Making Sense dvd.
Australian Big Brother Contestants - You can look these guys up online if you are curious.
Boris' Pug Dogs - I only put this link here because Boris was asking about them the other day, and in fact posted some of his own drawings of these weird dogs.
Tom Waits - Surely anyone who makes images would be taken in by the musical clanking and barkings of Tom Waits. His influence on my work is huge.
Ian McKellan - This is Ian as Gandalf in LOTR, a series of movies I utterly adore.
Owen Wilson - Owen usually gets drawn looking jolly, but he's always playing morons so that's how I drew him.
The Goodies - Who are currently touring Australia and were in Launceston just the other day!
Bella and Terry - This isn't a caricature but an amusing comparison I made between a picture of Bella Lugosi as Jesus Christ, and Terry Jones of Monty Python who played a Christ characters mother.
Jack Black - You either love him or hate him. I think he's great.
Elvis Costello - I had just seen his show in Melbourne and it was fucking fantastic. One of the finest live shows I've ever seen.
They Might Be Giants - The band who loves you back. I've seen them live several times and they are great.
Garreth from The Office - Brilliant show.
Keith from The Office
Dawn from The Office
David from The Office - Very hard man to caricature. Mixture of friendly, weasly and stupid is a difficult combination.
Tim from The Office
Kramer - Already a caricature really.
Jerry Seinfeld - Not really a big fan of his comedy but was an easy draw as I'd already worked on images of him when I was a teenager and had that to call upon.
Australian Prime Minister John Howard - the less said about this vile little shit the better.

Anything after about here you probably would have seen.
Here are some that I forgot to post for whatever reason.

Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown from the Back to the Future movies.

Christina Ricci as the insect she's become of late.

Willem Dafoe as John Carpenter in the film Autofocus.
This is one of those weird ones where he looks like the character and not much like the actor.
Still - isn't that what a caricature is all about?

And a companion piece to the Ian McKellan.
Not as nice a drawing but it gets a good response.


Boris Hiestand said...

ask and you shall receive. wondeful- thank's very much mate.
Christopher lloyd: "great scott marty! one point twentyone gigawatts!" great. All the guys from the office: fantastic, apart from david Brent- u're right he would be hard to capture. jack Black, Costello, Tom Waits, McKellen, Eastwood all great. I want Uma Thurman, tho not the version you drew. Owen Wilson is great with his fucked up nose. I really used to like him, now I don't know. He seems to lov himself a little too much. asshole.
Won't write a book about it so:


Boris Hiestand said...

PS I'm not German- I'm Dutch! so there.

UM said...

Hi Elliot, great post, great artwork.
Specifically love Christopher Lee as the naughty wizard!

Matt J said...

Some excellent caricatures Elliot - Owen Wilson's nose is spot on. Christopher lloyd reminds me of Rupert Murdoch too.

Elliot said...

Boris, Uli and Matt - as ever, your feedback is always appreciated.

Matt - nice call on Rupert Murdoch comparison.

Boris - I read an interesting article about Owen Wilson that talked about the fact that he is very much more intelligent than the roles he tends to play. Vast film knowledge and a fine script writer apparently.

Boris Hiestand said...

true- he and his brother wrote the script for rushmore, a great film, and was in many ways involved behind the scenes with Royal Tenenbaums as well. I guess I'm just jealous! I just wish he would stop squinting his eyes and pretend like he has lips like michael Keaton...cock.

Elliot said...

Boris - Rushmore is just about one of my most favorite films.
The article I was referring to was actually about how he had worked on Wes Andersons first 3 films but not Life Aquatic, which was not a real critical success (although I loved it).

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