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Monday, November 14, 2005

Death By Penguin - Updated

I've always enjoy sillhouettes and shadows.
Anyone recall Sergio Aragones "The Shadow Knows" cartoons for Mad Magazine?
They weren't really like these but I'm sure they're related somewhere in my brain.
I loved Sergios girly pictures when I was a teenager.
This is obviously another Penguin from Batman.
I did do one of Batman and the Penguin together once, but the baddies are so much more fun (and a great deal sillier).


W.MEANS said...

Yes I remember those cartoons. Ouch! Nice Penguin and defunct friend silhouette.

Kristen McCabe said...

Oooh! This is soooo cool Elliot! I just love your style!

your fan,


Elliot said...

Kristen - you minx!
Thanks for dropping past.

Anyone who doesn't yet know Kristens work, do drop past her blog.
She's a very fine illustrator.

Kristen McCabe said...

Oh Elliot, I luv ya! You're too kind!

Elliot said...

Hell yes!

Patrick Morgan said...

GREAT SHAPES!!!!!!! I love it! I love the mood too!

Patrick Morgan

Elliot said...

I've been admiring your own work for ages now.
How nice of you to drop past.

Boris Hiestand said...

nice mood indeed. that girl kirsten sure knows how to draw hips, dagnabbit.

cristina paulos said...

These are so pretty! You should do a shadow puppet piece!!

Elliot said...

Boris - Yes, Kristen is a terrific illustrator.
I've never seen any of her finished pieces but I can only imagine they're top notch.

C Natsuko - thanks for dropping past. There're some wonderful images on your own blog.

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