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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Update From Melbourne - It's a Load of Rubbish

On my arrival in the 'burbs, I noticed that there was a great deal of rubbish lying on the curbs.
Obviously there was something going on.

I was fairly sure I didn't live in a shanty town, but the neighbourhood had that feeling to it.
Apparently local council were doing what is called a "hard rubbish" collection.
So if you've got any large piles of crap you can't be bothered shlepping to the tip (we called the dump, the tip in Australia) then if you leave it out a council truck will come around and collect it.
There was plenty of interesting stuff so I went around and took some snaps.
I like the chandelier on the puffy brown chair.
Very sophisticated.
I was tempted to settle down for a rest (it was a lovely afternoon).

Some of my favourite bits went missing.
There are a lot of people going around with their own trucks and trailers recollecting the crap for themselves.

I had this notion that in fact the council gets to collect none of it whatsoever as it's all squirrelled away by hoarding fanatics.
There was a load of old soft internal heating heating pipes that looked like a pile of kishkies that went walkabout, and also a pile of computer components upon which sat a bike helment.
I was going to name the post "Where Safety Meets Technology".
Some people had mountains of stuff - taking up the whole nature strip...

Others left hardly anything (or perhaps it had already been plundered).

Does leaving rubbish like such as this say to potential burglers "Please break in and pinch my stuff?".

And to finish - this is the Cowan family contribution of the beautification of the suburbs.
It has since been cleared away...


Little Rock said...

I've been told that it's illegal to take stuff from hard rubbish piles. Apparently it 'belongs' to the council or some crap.

-No one cares though. I've found many great things on those hard rubbish days.

Matthew Cruickshank said...

I wish I had the space to collect/steal all that stuff, and go off and make really weird sculpture with it. What a great thing for local kids to get into. They should run a local competition or something!!

I haven't visited for a while Elliot, but your Blog names for everyone are very funny. Your style as always is fresh and easy on the eye- I'm a fan!

I visited Australia once, but only Perth. I have one very strong memory which I have to put on paper sometime. There was a local bus that would ride out each evening and "collect" these incredible looking men from the middle of nowhere and bring them back to the town so they could drink all their weeks wages. I will never forget this sight!

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