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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Big, big, love

I'm going away for a week in a few hours, so I'm posting anything new to keep my adoring fans (all 3 of you) going until my return.

Also - go take a look at the work of brand new (within minutes in fact) blogging pal Bobby Chiu.
Wonderful work to say the least.


Bobby Chiu said...

FOUR fans now! Haha...

I love your work! And I know what you mean about Tom Hanks. I thought you captured him quite well. The hair and eyes bring it across for me.

I've linked you on my blog, hope you don't mind! :)


Elliot said...

Thanks pal - you're own work is pretty bloody magnificent as well.
I shall link to you also!

Bobby Chiu said...

Haha, sorry about that, Mr. Launceston... er, Mr. Cowan. :P

And thanks for the link! I'm new to Blogger so it's good to meet folks with similar passions. :)


Elliot said...

Think nothing of it.
If it's art and animation you love, take a look at any of my links - there'll be plenty to please.

Little Rock said...

Big lovin' is good lovin'.
This is great!

J.a.G. said...

have a good week.

donnachada said...

What a great drawing. Actually, all the latest post are great. Have fun. I'll be looking forward to your posts when you get back.

Claude Bordeleau said...

Every morning I wake up and see my favorite blogs. It's my boost to draw all the day. Thanks for the inspiration, really nice design.

Smook said...

Great sketch, Elliot!

UM said...

One of my favourites, Elliot! Hope you'll be back soon.

Elliot said...

Cheers team - your feedback is always genuinely appreciated.
Claude - I think you may be giving me more credit than I deserve but thank you very much nonetheless!
Will see you all in a week or so.

Stef said...

Love this drawing Elliot! have a great time and see you soon!

SteveLambe said...

Nice loose sketch, Elliot!

Yaxin said...

just one thing to say: BEAUTI-FULLLL!

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