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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Melbourne - The Movies

As always when I return home to Melbourne I spend quite a bit of time at the cinema.
As I've already noted my hometown is cinema rich.
One of the thing I especially enjoy about our local cinema is that you can take in your coffee and cake with you, which makes the movie experience particularly pleasing to me.

I saw:
Howl's Moving Castle - completely bizarre. I'll never really understand the appeal of these types of movies beyond the weirdness.
Little Fish - great Australian movie starring the most beautiful woman in the world, Cate Blanchett.
The Proposition - another Australian movie that wasn't really as good as I was hoping but was pretty good nonetheless. It was written by Nick Cave and reflects his usual cheery attitude to life.
I also saw a crazy Russian film called Nightwatch that felt like it was a comic book adaption (which I don't think it was).
One thing that surprised me about this film is that I seemed to be in it (see picture below), which was rather odd as I'm fairly certain I was in Tasmania for most of the time over the last few years.


abuliac said...

Oh wow!

Cheburashka was my FAVORITE toy and cartoon as a kid in the Soviet Union. That's awesome! I'm glad he's finding his way back into people's hearts. (He taught many good lessons about friendship by being friends with a crocodile!)

Elliot said...

If you are curious to know, the episode involved Gena and Cheburashka getting on a train to go to Moscow and getting side tracked by an old lady.
They had a tussel with some campers and a factory pouring pollution into the river.
What is Cheburashka exactly?

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