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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Melbourne - The Eels

The main reason I headed off home was to go see the band The Eels.
They were amazing.
The didn't rock, but instead brought with them a 4 piece string quartet.
It was moving and beautiful.
Before the show a peculiar Russian puppet animated film was played.
A kids thing involving an old lady, a crocodile called Gena and a kind of mouse/monkey thing called Cherabushka.
I have no idea what it had to do with the show, but it was weirdly out of context at a concert which I was entertaining in itself.
The support act was a wonderful Australian singer called Holly Throsby - who I didn't realise was playing which made it even more lovely.
Before I went to the show I spent some time kicking around an area known as Southbank.
It was an area a spent a great deal of time at during my last year of university.

Although these pictures don't really show it, it was almost dark (these were just taken with my digital camera).
It was quite hot and had been pouring with rain for hours.
Melbourne never used to have a tropical feel to it but it's becoming more so.

This picture below is for my friend Charmaine.
Every Friday this is where we would head.
The evening would start with 8 people and end with (usually) only 3.
We would drink the house red which was only $10 a pop.
By the end of the evening we'd often spent$120, $150 between us.
I don't recall ever eating much there but I'm sure we must have.
The place now only serves vegetarian food which is insanity as far as I'm concerned.
It's not that I have any problem with vegeterians or vegetables (I love them in fact), but why serve only that???


J.a.G. said...

i'm jealous of the concert going.
i'd like to see them but work has thwarted me thus far.

Elliot said...

They were wonderful.
Many people cried.

AndyMurray said...

Melbourne is my fav place, your snaps remind me of when i was last there, xmas 03!!!
Is there much work going for animators in that city, as far as you games etc...???
Id love to live out there for a while..the UK sucks at the mo!!
Its our winter!!

Elliot said...

Melbourne home to me Andy.
I wouldn't have a clue how much animation is going on there.
I know there is at least one major gaming company there (I was interviewed for a gig before I left for Tassie).
Apart from that there are a few studios - Mickey Duck is the only one that pops instantly to mind.
Feel free to email me to discuss further if you like.
My parents moved from the UK 30 odd years ago and have never been back so I have some insight into your disinterest in the place.

AndyMurray said...

Cool!! Will email you in a few days. Cheers!
Great artwork by the way!!

Elliot said...

Thanks and cheers Andy!

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