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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

The Cheshire Cat

It is somewhat terrifying to think that this series of three images are almost 10 years old.
I apologise for the poor quality.
The originals are under glass, quite large, and very hard to photograph.
I only came across these photocopies when I dragged out my old folio.
These are all photocopies of photocopies and I've made not much effort to tart them up at all.
They were all done in pen and ink.
The idea was that Alice in Wonderland was set in a hospital.
The Cheshire Cat (above) was a heart attack victim, and was enormously fat.
There is a colour version of him in my folio showing him standing up with a row of stitches down his belly. Posted by Picasa


Stef said...

Cool Elliot!!! funny, I'm starting to work on some drawings with Cheshire Cat today at work.
I'd love to see the colour version!

Smook said...

Very nice illustration, Elliot! You have some great drawings on your blog!

Elliot said...

Stef - I'll be popping home for lunch so I'll try and remember to take a snapshot of it then.

Smook - thanks pal. Your own work aint too shabby either!

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