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Saturday, June 04, 2005

A Little Rain, Wouldn't Hurt No-One

Whenever it rains in this country (which is not that often when compared to other nations) people tend to say this - "Oh, but the farmers will be happy".
It doesn't matter if you were born in an office block in Sydney and raised as a merchant banker and the closest you ever come to a farmer is perhaps an egg in a McMuffin.
Despite having nothing to do with the farming community whatsoever, you will say "Oh, but the farmers will be happy".
Which I have no doubt that they are.
I would like to hear someone say of a rainy day "Gosh it's a nice day to spend in bed with someone I fancy".
Or "Let's drag the doonas to the couch and watch DVDs all day".
Or "Let's run about in the rain and splash in puddles".
As you can tell, I don't mind the rain.
I don't much enjoy having to work in it, or walk in it, but it's lovely.
I recall a teenage moment when me and a girl a very much adored had a big fight with handfuls of mown grass in the rain.
If it was a movie there would have been a moment at the very end where we would have had a big snog.
This did not happen.
We did have a bit of a kiss several months later and it still stand til' this day as one of the finests kisses I've ever had.
We don't talk anymore.
Drifted apart after 2 or 3 spectacular yelling matches in public.
That's something I've not done in a while.
Had a fight with someone.
My new workplace is a great deal more serene than my last and it doesn't happen often here.
And apart from a girl at Charcoal Chicken who was giving me the shits when I was in a cranky mood I haven't lost my temper at a stranger for a while either.
I had a dreadful experience once at MacDonalds, where after a very long shoot we had stopped off for a bite before crawling home to bed.
I ordered my meal and as I was waiting me two minutes please for my fries, they sold all my other bits and pieces.
I was mad.
I spat the dummy and the poor girl cried.
This was almost 5 years ago and even after all this time if I happen to be at that particular MacDonalds and she gets to serve me, she flinches.
How awful I am. Posted by Hello


Red Egg said...

That sucks.

I hate when it rains. Unless of course I'm inside reading a book, then I don't mind it as much.

I despise snow, however. I just hate it.

Elliot said...

I've never really spent much time in the snow.
I've seen it a few times when on holidays but otherwise I've lead a snow free existance.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

Some parts of the State we're in it rains over 200 days of the year. But coming from the UK I don't mind it. We don't tan here, we rust.


Ann said...

"McDonalds" you silly Australian.

I love rain! Yippee! I like to run in the rain especially. But if it lasts more than one day it bothers me. I've never had a mud fight, I think that would be fun.

*psst*you really shouldn't yell at strangers that's not nice*

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