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Sunday, June 05, 2005

Bum Trumpets

At my last job working for the Southern Cross Broadcasting Network, everyday commercial producers would trudge into the office and say "Oh I can't be fucking bothered with work today".
The four of us would say this every day of the week.
And then weekends where many of us would be working we would say the same thing.
At the time each of us was creating and average of 10 commercials a week.
We worked very very hard under very difficult conditions.
We got no overtime or much incentive to do well.
At my new job I reckon I manage about 2 or 3 jobs a week.
It's bliss!
It's never so busy so as I have to say "I can't be bothered doing anything".
God bless the WIN Network (where I am now!).Posted by Hello


Ann said...

glad you have a nice job now :-)

Elliot said...

Not as glad as I am

Anonymous said...
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