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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Vomiting phelgm

My cold has pretty much left me, but I am still left with this very attractive cough that has me vomiting in the shower each morning (I have a pretty major gag reflex).
It's all very attractive let me tell you, as I'm sure you can imagine.
I'm looking forward to popping home to lunch where I will be having one of my favorites - chicken breast fillet on fresh white bread.
White on white.
With mustard and mayo.
Gosh it's making me hungry.Posted by Hello


Red Egg said...

I love how you draw their noses :)

Red Egg said...

Yes.. Very sexy... I can just imagine.
A naked man in the shower hacking and gagging away...

You sure you don't need any medication for that cough?

Elliot said...

Hairy naked man at that.
Horrible - I agree.
I've been taking cold n flu pills but I'm not allowed a lot of cough mixture as I'm asthmatic.

Red Egg said...

Oh that does suck. Is your asthma really bad when it happens??

Yes, A naked hairy man could be a problem. Razors or wax? Pick one.
Im just kidding :P

Elliot said...

My asthma is pretty ok these days.
I just have to be careful if I'm doing a lot of coughing as it's easy to get into a "cough and wheeze" cycle.
And I can't think of anything witty to say re- the razors or wax comment.

Red Egg said...

Well that's good to hear.
Asthma can not be a fun thing :)

espritgirl24 said...

*smacks self* How could I forget to bookmark your blog with your awesome drawings? *bookmarks now*

And I know all about the coughing/hacking sensation. I had that going on during my pneumonia weeks. Very sexy, indeed.

Red Egg said...

Yeh, I can just hear it now:
The "me"s turn to "be"s and all that jazz...

"bebe, cumb an let be bake *achoo* yoo feel o so segzee."

I mean, how can anyone resist? :P

Elliot said...


Espritgirl24 - Don't slap yourself. It is my role to suffer for my art, not to have pain inflicted on others.
I was hoping that was going to sound kind of arty and clever but in fact I think it makes me sound like a dickhead.

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