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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

More sick

Continuing my trend of broken limbs and coughing fits, I spent the last 24 hours with food poisoning.
I'll not go into the finer details.
I will mention however that there's not a lot more that makes you feel more single than when you are trying to clean up one pile of vomit while simultaneously creating a several new ones.
I'm feeling a lot better now though.
Apart from the aforementioned horribleness I had a lovely weekend.
I had some friends over for dinner on Saturday night and made a lovely roast chook.
I made a rub out of almonds, caraway seeds and garlic that was fucking fantastic.
Then I went to a fun nibbles and drinkies on Sunday afternoon with the same folks I'd had over for dinner.
I'm still a bit weary so I don't have a whole lot to say or much energy to think of anything.
I will end up by mentioning the Mythbusters hovercraft competition was fucking brilliant if anyone has seen it. Posted by Hello


Red Egg said...

Hey Elliot.

Sorry to hear you were feeling like shit over the weekend. I really do hope you're feeling alot better now though??

Usually I find the more (non alcoholic) liquids you drink, the sooner you'll be all the sickness away.

Also, I haven't seen that competiton in particular but I love watching the mythbusters with my dad- also I love American Choppers (Orange County). The dad reminds me of a Walrus.
But seriously that show is wikkid :)

p.s. Someone smart once said to me that with garlic and chili you can cook anything... Hmmmm.... Nowonder your dish turned out to be brilliant in taste :P

Elliot said...

Much better now.
I've been drinking Powerade all day and that's helped a great deal.

I didn't cook the chops with chilli or garlic and that's the last I'd care to discuss it.
The thought of the blasted things is making me sick.

Red Egg said...

*Grins* my bad.

The New Yorker said...

Sorry to hear you were feeling ill. Hey that rub you made sounds fantastic, might you have a recipe for it?

Angi said...

you just always seem to be sick sad your sick there must be something bringing us down j/k

Elliot said...

Have hardly heard from you in ages.
I'm feeling much, much better thanks for asking!

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