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Friday, May 13, 2005

Across the world

I have recently, through this blog, had some lovely correspondence from all sorts of faceless strangers from around the globe.
Imagine I got all this mail in my actual letterbox every day.
Would I respond to it all?
Probably not.
I enjoy writing letters very much but I think I'd get lazy.
At the moment I regularly write to the unborn child of a friend of mine - proper letters written with a pen.
This may seem like a strange thing to do, but I think if I grew up with written evidence that nice people with good intentions were thinking about me before I squigggled into this world then I might be a happier person.
Which is not to say I'm not happy.
I'm just a sap when it comes to these things.
Today we're all ording pizza for lunch.
I don't really want to be a part of it but it's a new workplace and I feel I may be oestracised if I don't participate.
Hopefully I wont be asked to join the touch football team.
I don't even know what touch football is!
What do you touch?!!!
If it involved a team of girls in bikinis I'd certainly be a little more interested.
I'd be quite prepared to touch anything I was asked to.Posted by Hello


abuliac said...

That might be one of the cutest drawn kittens I've ever seen...

I think the letters are a wonderful idea! My parents kept a joint diary when I was first born about their experiences with becoming new parents. I loved reading it... and rereading it. It made me see my parents and myself in a different light.

Elliot said...

You'll probably find the kitten has been stolen from the works of Chuck Jones.
Specifically a cartoon about a flying kitten.
I meant to mention that at the end of the blog but I forgot.
I don't pinch these things on purpose...

Sirius Green said...

I'd guess when you touch the player in touch football, they've got to pass. I think it replaces tackling. Thank God you got me, hey?

Ann said...

I think that's sweet (the writing; not the touching) Hope your cold is all gone! I don't get your drawing for this entry? Is it just random and unrelated? I love the internet! I love talking to all sorts of people :-)

Red Egg said...

How big are the doodles/drawings you create and post here? Just wondering.

Elliot said...

Sirius - Thanks for your insight into rugby.
I have no idea what you're talking about, but it's best not to persist with these things.
I don't enjoy much sport (much to the dissapointment of my father, the Glaswegian).

Ann - drawing is unrelated. Often they are.
I like to post a picture AND some text but sometimes I can't think of anything to draw about, so I just draw whatever I want and type something unrelated.

Sar - Most of the doodles on this blog are 600 pixels by 450.
With the exception of a few at the beginning of the blog (back in March) they are all digital images drawn with my wacom tablet in a program called Painter.

Red Egg said...


Like I said before, I really love your drawings/ doodles.
Very nice :)

Sirius Green said...

Hi Elliot, don't worry. Any time you need me to guess the rules of an obscure sport I'm there for you. I'm better than a Google search.

Red Egg said...

(lol) You better be right Green.

Nonsensical_Flounderings said...

That is a great idea, writing leters to the unborn child, the joint diary above is great too.

Great Blog and I like the drawings, I shall add your Blog to our links if I may.


Elliot said...

Sirius - You will be the first person I turn to if I am in a jam.

NFlounderings - Link away. Nice to have you here.

Jamie Dawn said...

Hello, it's my first visit to your interesting and funny blog. That child will treasure the letters you're writing. What a great thing to do!
Pizza is my fav food, so I'd be happily joining in on that lunch.
I enjoyed your blog. Visit mine whenever you need a laugh.

Elliot said...

Jamie - Nice to have you here.
You are welcome anytime.
I'll check your own blog immediately!

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