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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Driving through darkness

I headed down the coast again yesterday to see Revenge of the Sith again (still enjoyed it) and The Life Aquatic, which I enjoyed very much.
If anyone is unaware of the films of Wes Anderson go look him up.
His few films are Bottle Rocket, Rushmore, The Royal Tennenbaums and the film I say yesterday.
He has a very particular style and anyone interested in film should go look them all up.
Rushmore is my favourite at the moment.
Life Aquatic seems to me to be most like Bottle Rocket.
In Life Aquatic there's a wonderful set piece, which is (I assume) a life sized replica of a boat in cross section.
The film also had some animation and recurring bare breasts, two things always guaranteed to keep me happy.
And Cate Blanchett, who is edible as far as I'm concerned.
One of the things I very much enjoy about visiting the coast, is that as it takes a good hour to get there driving through the countryside, it gives me an hour there to sing all the way, and an hour to sing all the way back.
There's something about driving in the dark on a cold night with the window open and the heater on and singing loudly that is very entertaining.
If anyone is interested, my play list for the day was:
Beth Orton - Central Reservation.
Tom Waits - Blood Money.
Neil and Tim Finn - Everyone is Here.
Crowded House - self titled.
Luka Bloom - Innocence.Posted by Hello


Tweedledopey said...

I saw The Life Acquatic. While I didn't really enjoy Rushmore and found The Royal Tennenbaums a bit, well, too zany, I really rather enjoyed The Life Acquatic. Like Royal Tennenbaums, Life Acquatic was a bit zany, but I found the underlying story much richer and less annoying than The Royal Tennenbaums.

Elliot said...

Heya pal.
Nice to hear from you.
If you are interested in the film maker at all go seek Bottle Rocket.
It's most like Life Aquatic in tone and there are some similar character moments.
Whichever Wilson it is plays a fantastic delusional character called Dignan, it's worth seeing just for that.

Tweedledopey said...

Owen - bad nose
Luke - dark hair

I've been around, but working rather hard.

Tweedledopey said...

I also started using bloglines, but I think I'm going to stop as it means I participate less, even if I read more.

Elliot said...

It was bad nose Owen.
I don't know what a blogline is, but don't think less of me...

Tweedledopey said...

No no. Blogline aggregates all the blogs you can read into one page. Annoying.

Tweedledopey said...

All that aside, I like today's drawing/ad/comic.

abuliac said...

Wow... I feel out of the loop - I haven't seen a single one of those films! Maybe Rushmore, but I'm not even sure! I think I've been living in a cave...

Red Egg said...

Tag you're it, Elliot!

Rules: list 10 things you've never done. Then tag those who aren't paying attention ;)

Elliot said...

Periangel - go find them at once. If you love film you will find something worthwhile in all of them.

Sar - I don't think anyone's paying attention!!!

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