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Monday, May 02, 2005

Cloud of Unknowing

I know of a fellow here in Tasmania who changed his name by deadpoll to "Cloud of Unknowing".
I think he should have changed his name to "Dickhead".
It's easier to hear over the phone and doesn't take as long to sign official documents.
I have another very dear friend who was in hardcore thrash bands throughout the 80's.
His name was Nick Harris and he changed it to Nick Fear.
What a evil drummer he was!
He even had a scary mohawk to match his tough guy name.
The name was very fitting (not very).
He's a lovely fellow and especially amusing once he's had a bevvy or 10.
Nick Fear was recently married and is expecting his first child in September.
He's gone back to Nick Harris, which while not so cool and rugged, is still a nice name.Posted by Hello

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